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This page goes over how this website is built.

🖼 Background

This website has gone through many changes. I have not been shy about moving from technology to technology as I learn new things. Coming across the world of Static Site Generators was a game changer. I have ran my posts and notes through Jekyll, Hugo, MkDocs, Zola, Eleventy and most recently Astro.

👀 Overview

The site is currently built with Astro, hosted on GitHub, and canonically published via Vercel.

Here’s the source code for the site.

🛠️ Technology

The site uses various technologies cobbled together. Here’s some of them:

💜 Acknowledgements

I’d like to take the time to recognize the people and projects that made this one possible.

Thank you Steve Frenzel, creator of Astro-naut—which this project is based on.

© License

Source code in this repository is available under the MIT License.