About Me

Hi! I'm Miguel 👋🏼

Problem solver, hobby developer, music enjoyer, and public infrastructure enthusiast. I live in Minnesota, also known as the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" for having over 14,000 bodies of fresh water.

I think a lot, work a lot, have existential crises, and know just enough about making websites to make me dangerous. I enjoy writing, reading, coding, listening to music, and love having a problem to solve.

If you are aching for more, check out what tools I use daily, or read my Public Journal.

As of October 2023, I am…

… tending to my digital garden.
… learning about web dev with Zola.
… making simple browser extensions.
… collecting bookmarks with Raindrop.
… compiling configuration files in GitHub.
… developing both a theme, and a starter vault for Obsidian.

Reach Out

Here are some places you can find me on the web. You'll probably be able to find me in other places too, provided you look hard enough.