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Being a Firefighter Does Not Save You From Burnout

My life took a sharp turn early last year. I am a very private person. You will not find me sharing my personal life on social media. That said, these last 18 months have changed me profoundly, and I feel like I need to write these feelings down.

Blogging to Tame the Monkey Mind

The term monkey mind is a Buddhist term meaning: restless, unsettled, incontrollable. The original analogy comes from describing the human mind as being full of drunken monkeys, constantly screeching, fighting, distracting, and creating general mental chaos. I’ll go over what helps me keep the monkeys at bay. I hope some of this resonates with you and your monkeys as well.

Hello World

This must be the fourth time I have started a blog. I haven't been very successful at being a consistent content producer. That changes today.